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9 Tips For Maintaining Your Asphalt Driveway In Calgary

Living in a province like Alberta with a terribly cold 8 months of winter and extreme heat waves in the summer is hard on most things (including us!) – and asphalt driveways are no exception. While asphalt is a very durable and cost-effective choice for paving, it requires a little bit of TLC to...

Top Tips For Hiring A Commercial Paving Contractor

Choosing a Commerical Paving Contractor So you have a paving project that needs completing. You are looking into hiring a commercial paving contractor, but this is a big project and you want it done right! Well, we have created a helpful step by step guide to hiring the right commercial contractor...

Asphalt: Surviving Cold Canadian Conditions

Asphalt: Surviving Cold Canadian Conditions It is easy to forget about our asphalt surfaces but asphalt doesn’t forget you, it fights the harsh Canadian cold day and night.  Asphalt in Alberta faces extreme elements. Between the process of snow falling onto it, melting into a pool of...

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