Top Tips For Hiring A Commercial Paving Contractor

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Choosing a Commerical Paving Contractor

So you have a paving project that needs completing. You are looking into hiring a commercial paving contractor, but this is a big project and you want it done right! Well, we have created a helpful step by step guide to hiring the right commercial contractor for you.

1. Support Local

Whether this is your first time hiring a commercial paving contractor, or you have done this before, it is important to choose a local commercial paving company that is experienced working in your geographical area. Think about the climate conditions, for example, the Calgary weather conditions are quite unique. In Calgary, we experience dry conditions, snow, and on top of that Calgary is one of the sunniest cities in Canada which melts snow causing potholes if the ground is not sealed correctly.

2. Read Reviews

What are these companies like to work with? You can ask your connections who they use, or read reviews online. Search on the companies Google profile or on Yelp. If they have horrible complaints, consider taking them off of your short list.

3. Certifications

Although most paving contractors do not choose to list their business number online, you can always check out their BBB certificate.  Anyone who doesn’t list their BBB online should also be taken off the shortlist.

4. Get A Quote

It is best practice to get a few quotes, so don’t be afraid to inquire to all the people on your short list. Most companies have an inquiry form on their website, however sometimes calling for that personal touch can be a little nicer.

5. Your Commercial Paving Needs

By asking a few contractors for a price you know that you will be getting the best deal, but don’t be afraid to ask some more questions about the quote such as: When can you start and when do expect to finish? Can you tell me about the product that you are using? Why should I choose you over the competitors? By asking these questions this can really help you find which commercial paving contractor is right for your project!

Calgary Paving’s Commerical Paving Services

If you are looking to see if Calgary Paving is right for you? Check out our list of Commerical Paving Contractor Services. Otherwise, if you are ready to get a quote, please so get in touch!

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