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There are many options when choosing paving companies in Calgary, and we all our competitors get the job well done. But Calgary paving can offer you some differences that you may value for your project. We are a large versatile team that can get the job done on time. Another benefit is that we are locally owned and operated. What this means is that we have been paving in Calgary’s cold conditions for over 40 years, so we know how to lay asphalt that is durable and can withstand Calgary’s cold conditions. Here is a list of services that we provide:


Parking Lots Paving



Driveway Paving



Pathway Paving



Asphalt Repair



New Construction


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When you pave with Calgary Paving, you have the piece of mind that this company will remember your job and give you exceptional customer service. It is rare that our customers ever call us because our paving standards are very high. Not only do we deliver exceptional service but we are affordable. Our paving services ensure your asphalt space is both functional, safe, and of high quality.

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