Asphalt Damage Repair

It is important to repair damaged asphalt as soon as possible. Asphalt pavement distress and driveway asphalt damage can be expensive if they are not fixed immediately. Get the asphalt patched right the first time and the asphalt patching cost is affordable. DIY cold mix asphalt can be beneficial or could be damaging, see bellow.


Asphalt Driveway Repair Product

Some people use cold mix asphalt, a product that has similar properties to hot asphalt, but it quickly hardens after application and the end result is a pavement patch. Only use this asphalt driveway repair product to seal for smaller cracks.


Professional Asphalt Damage Repair

We always recommend getting a professional in to help resurface, as Calgary’s fluctuating conditions including snow melting and freezing again, the water will seep into any cracks. The asphalt now has water under in the asphalt, as the weather changes the water will expanding and retract as is freezes and melts causing extreme wear and tear on your asphalt eventually resulting in a pothole.


Cracked Driveway Repair

Get your cracked driveway repaired at the first sight of a crack. For larger cracks, like longitudinal cracks in asphalt pavement, it is crucial to use hot asphalt to ensure a smooth flat surface and to have the best asphalt patching technique that prevents future costly damage.


Fixing Asphalt Raveling

Asphalt raveling is pavement surface deterioration that occurs as pavement ages, aggregate particles separate and general wear and tear can occur. Being in the elements it is no surprise that asphalt pavement problems occur.


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