6 Reasons to Repave Your Parking Lot

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Why Your Business or Complex Should Invest In A Parking Lot

Us Calgarians know that the harsh Calgary weather conditions can take their toll on parking lots. To repave a parking lot is to invest in your business or your business complex. A parking lot is a reflection of a business as it is where customers, staff, and other pedestrians experience your store. Maintaining the surface to be crack free and pothole free will save you money in the long run. This saves you money by increasing curb appeal, reducing liabilities, and car damage. With this in mind, we will now convey the reasons why you should consider repaving your parking lot.

1. Perception Of Your Company

When people drive to your store the car park is the first impression. Shape their perception of your business before they even step through the door. A fresh new car park communicates that you are a successful company that invests in itself, and takes great pride in its property. Imagine the worst case scenario, that a potential client gets hurt by tripping on a parking lot crack or worse – a pothole. To have a positive perception of your company it is important to maintain or repave your parking lot, make the first impression count!

2. Sense Of Safety And Value Among Employees

Keeping your employees safe at work is a top priority, seeing as your employees use your car park more than anyone else, it’s important to keep it in great shape. Ensure the car park is smooth to drive on (and walk on) so that there will not be any damage to vehicles. Make certain your employees are able to walk safely to and from their car without tripping or rolling an ankle. By providing a clean, tidy, smooth new parking lot, your employees will be happier because they will feel valued.

3. Avoiding Liability

On the topic of safety, it is important to ensure that your car park is compliant with safety regulations. A car park with numerous cracks and potholes can result in personal injury and a lawsuit against your business. Maintaining or repaving your parking lot creates a great first impression. On the positive side, when you choose to repave your parking lot you will save money and ensure the safety of all pedestrians in your business or complex.

4. Prevent Damage To Vehicles

Parking lot potholes are dangerous. A business or complex should really take potholes seriously as they can damage tires, cause tire tears, body damage and damage to car suspension. Businesses can be liable to pay for tire replacements and the pothole replacement. For this reason, it makes sense to replace potholes in your parking lot as soon as possible for the purpose of vehicle safety.

5. Save Money In The Long Term

Keep an eye on small cracks and potholes, as small repairs to your parking lot is far less expensive than having to prematurely replace your parking lot. By investing in parking lot maintenance, you are delaying the need to replace the entire car park. In theory, a well paved car park should last up to 20 years.

6. Increase Your Property Value

Whether you are a complex or a business with your own car park, the value of your property is very important. If you are looking to sell the property or even find another tenant, a well paved parking lot is invaluable to a potential buyer. Buyers don’t want to immediately pay for asphalt parking lot replacement after buying a property. In other words, significant parking lot damage can deter businesses from moving into the complex, but also the neighbouring businesses see this which can diminish the value of the neighbourhood.


Looking to Invest In A Parking Lot?

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